There is Plenty of Room at the Top! (So get up here!)


The old saying is true, “There’s plenty of room at the top” but do you know why? If you think there are a ton of reasons why you’re wrong!

As a professional recruiter I deal with these issues all day, so it’s not surprising to me there isn’t enough qualified individuals for key positions. This isn’t a guess to me it’s a fact. So the question is, why? Why isn’t there enough experts or qualified people for key positions in companies?

There are tons of “almost” qualified or “nearly” qualified, but these individuals are missing something. Do you know what they are missing? The one key ingredient they’re missing is the ability to get things done. That’s it. The nearly qualified and the almost qualified aren’t people of action. They don’t get things done. They usually talk a good game, but that’s it. They’re pretenders.

As a recruiter I can spot these individuals by their track records. They typically can’t stay anywhere very long, so they will have a two or three year stay with a company and then move on to the next company. And because they held a prominent position in the past they can command a new prominent position – until that company figures them out. And then the process starts over and repeats itself.

If you want to get to the top you have to be a person of action! You have to be able to make decisions! Good ideas are not enough you have to be able act upon those ideas. A mediocre idea acted upon is better than a fantastic idea that never sees the light of day. Think about it, everything that has ever been invented started out as an idea. Just an idea someone acted upon. Action is the key. Making decisions is paramount.

When I am dealing with companies they always tell me the same thing. The number one problem with their upper management and executive staff is their ability to act upon ideas and make decisions. If you’re too passive and unable to act or make decisions you need to work on this because this is your key to the top! Your ability to act and make decisions will directly impact your ability to get to the top of your profession.

The people that can’t make decisions typically wait for everything to be perfect. The problem in business is that everything is moving at a very fast pace and if you delay and wait for everything to be right, you will miss out on an opportunity. Don’t make this mistake. You have to act. You have to make decisions. The ability to get things done – in any industry – is the key to your success. I don’t care what business you’re in if you want to get to the lonely top of your profession, where there’s plenty of room, you have to become a person of ACTION! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo