There will be good days and bad days when you’re searching for a new position. So keep your head up, it’s part of the process.

As long as people are still doing the hiring within companies you will always have ups and downs when it comes to your job search. Do you know why? It’s because the hiring process is so subjective.

As long as I’ve been in the professional recruiting business this subjective process has never changed. I can recruit the “perfect” candidate for a position and one company will think the candidate is perfect for them and another company will think the candidate is not qualified. What? It happens every day.

You have to think of it as dating. You won’t like every person you date and the same goes for companies. They won’t like every candidate they interview. It’s nothing more than that. Interviewing, like dating, is a very subjective process.

So what’s this mean to you? It means you will have to find that perfect match when you’re interviewing. You have to like the company and the company has to like you. It’s a process and there will be peaks and valleys while you’re out there searching for your perfect position.

Companies advertise what they want in a position, that’s true, but it never comes down to that when they decide to hire. It always comes down to the chemistry between you and the company. In other words, do you “fit in?”

The best way to combat this subjective process is to research companies that you think will be a good fit for you. Not just the product or services they sell, but the company’s culture. Research the company’s culture, type of people, reputation, everything you can think of that might cause issues with you. Make sure your personality will fit in with this company before you apply.

Believe me some companies may want people that have graduated from certain schools, people that don’t smoke, people that like to party, people that don’t like to party, people that are involved in the community, people that like to play golf, and the list goes on and on. You will find out a lot of this information when you do your research. Is it a 100%? No, but you can shave the odds a little.

When you do find a company that seems like a good fit for you it’s still all about the chemistry. Anything can still happen when you interview. As long as people are still doing the hiring it will always be a subjective process with a lot of peaks and valleys. If you keep looking eventually you will find your perfect match. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo