Your goal when you’re interviewing on the telephone is to push for a face-to-face interview ASAP and get off the phone. Don’t ramble and don’t stay on the telephone too long, or you might say something you don’t want to say!

Most HR types in corporations are listening to you for “knock-out” factors. Meaning, they don’t want to set-up an interview with a hiring manager if you’re not qualified. Make sense?

So, set-up the in-house face-to-face interview and get off the telephone. Mission accomplished!

I recommend, if you live in the same city, to pass on telephone interviews all together (if you can!). Some companies have a policy that you must do a telephone interview first. Ok, so now what?

Well, most people are not that good on the telephone, unless they are heavy telephone users at work (stock broker, sales rep, etc.). So if you’re not good on the telephone, or you have a heavy accent or speech impediment, it’s even more important that you set-up a face-to-face interview!

If you have to do a telephone interview, here’s a couple of pointers:

1) Get into a quiet room
2) No kids or dogs in the room
3) No computers (don’t surf the Internet)
4) Do not check email or text messages
5) Make sure your phone is fully charged
6) No TV’s on in the room
7) Stand up (believe me this works)
8) Speak slowly

I hope this help all of you with this issue.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo