Are you having a hard time getting into that dream company with that dream position?

This is a common problem for job seekers. It always seems like the perfect company with the perfect position isn’t looking at the time when we want to make a change in our careers. Well, guess what? That is never the case! That’s right! It’s never the case! Do you know why? It’s because companies are always looking for “top talent” in their industry. That’s how our firm stays in business! More importantly, that’s how companies stay competitive and stay in business! They have to keep improving. They cannot stagnate or they will get left behind.

We all know companies that didn’t change with the times and they are not in business anymore, are they? Companies have to keep the talent on their staff fresh, bold, inventing, aggressive, and updated on the current trends in their particular industry. All companies have to do this to survive. Can you imagine a company not getting computerized today? If a company isn’t up-to-date how are they going to stay competitive and more importantly – stay in business? They won’t that’s how.

So, what’s this mean for you? Now that you know companies are always looking for talent in their industry, just like professional sports teams do, I want YOU to pick the company YOU want to go to work for and don’t wait for an opening, or a help wanted advertisement, approach them directly!

Now, this is key, you cannot approach them looking for a job. In other words, what can the company do for you? I want you to approach them as to what YOU can do for the company! Got it? Now you are learning how to get in! You’re no longer going to wait for your perfect position with the perfect company to be advertising before you approach them, right? Remember, companies are always looking, right? So, don’t be afraid to approach a company if they are not advertising, they need YOU!

Now I want you to target the areas of the country you want to live. Target the companies within those areas you want to go to work for and then approach them directly. That’s how you get it! Don’t wait! If you wait for the perfect company to put an advertisement in newspapers or on the Internet you’re too late! Now you have a bunch of competition and the company will want to go through their resumes, blah, blah, and blah. What does this mean for you? Delays, delays, and delays, this thing will now drag on.

See, when you approach them directly when they are not advertising you can control the situation. You approached them! You are contacting them! You are bringing your talent to them! You want to work there! You’re excited to work there! Your enthusiasm will come shining through! You will be refreshing to the company! Now you know how to get in! Now you can pick and choose where you want to go to work! You’re in control! No more excuses! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo