If it’s not on your resume, does it exist? No! If the person reading your resume doesn’t see the specific experience they’re looking for, don’t expect a phone call for clarification. A rejection letter is heading your way!

This is why you cannot send generic resumes. You have to draft each resume to the specific position. HR offices are littered with resumes from good qualified people for their positions, but if they don’t clearly see the qualifications they want, it doesn’t exist!

If you have the experience, you must spell it out clearly and repeat it as often as you can throughout your cover letter and resume. You have to knock these HR people over the head with your experience otherwise they won’t know you have it. How would they? Do you think they will call you to ask? No, you’re toast!

I have tested this many times. I have sent generic resumes to positions I was qualified and even over-qualified for, and in every case if I wasn’t clear and specific with the experience they wanted I didn’t get a call for an interview. Now, was I qualified? Yes, give me a break!

If it’s not on your resume it doesn’t exist. The people in these HR departments will not call you to clarify your experience. They will just assume you don’t have it, and do you blame them? Don’t make them search your resume and guess if you have the experience. Knock them over the head with it! You must be very clear and specific on your resume. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo