Do you think the industry you’re in will be around in the future? How about the near future? There are a lot of industries that are fading fast, so you must get your head out of the sand and start making plans – now!

Throughout the world things have always changed and advanced. That’s not news. The time we are living in now isn’t any different than other times in the history of the world, but the difference this time is the speed of the change. It’s flying fast!

Technology is not only changing the world it’s shrinking the world. The things you do on a normal day today won’t be the same in a year from now. Today I woke up for the first time in my adult life without a newspaper delivered to my door. Change? You bet!

If your industry is starting to fade, don’t wait for it to collapse! Start making plans now. Newspapers, retail stores, post offices, yellow pages, and there are a ton of industries besides these that are in trouble. Some faster than others, but at some point it’s over. You must start planning now, don’t wait!

The biggest problem we see at our office is people waiting it out. Thinking that maybe it won’t happen to us? Maybe if it does, they’ll keep me? I don’t want you to take those chances. Take a look at your background and evaluate your skills and education. Is there another industry where your skills will transfer easily?

If you like what you’re currently doing, is there an adjacent industry where you can look into? You will be most marketable looking into adjacent industries first. In adjacent industries you will be able to command the same compensation. Going from newspapers to on-line newspapers? Going from the Post office to FedEx or UPS? Your skills will transfer if you stay with adjacent industries.

You don’t have to stay with adjacent industries, you can get in a new career altogether, but you will lose your marketability. In other words, your learning curve will be greater when you move to a new career so your compensation will be less. If compensation isn’t a problem, then go for it!

The bottom line, if your industry is fading, is to get your head out of the sand and start making plans. Change is inevitable in all industries, but today it’s changing at a rapid pace, so look into industries where you can use your skills and education because that is where you will be most marketable. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo