In order for you to get job offers you need interviews. You must do whatever is necessary to get an interview! You must get creative.

There are really three types of interviews.

1) Interviews for specific job openings
2) Casual need interview (No specific openings)
3) Courtesy interview

It might take you all three of these interviews, or some combination of these three, to get a job offer. All three are useful, but some of you won’t go on the second or third type of interview and you should. Let’s cover each one of these so you know the difference.

Interviews for a specific job opening

This is a typical job opening and where you spend the majority of your time. This is where a company is looking to fill a specific position within their company. These are really good places for you to look, but in some cases you will find a tremendous amount of competition. Everybody answers these advertisements.

Casual need interview (No specific openings)

This will take some work on your part, but it’s worth the effort. This is where a company is willing to meet with you but they really don’t have any specific needs (openings). This is a good interview to have because it will give you a chance to shine and sell yourself to a decision maker. If you shine in a casual interview the company might make room for you! This happens all the time. Very few people do casual interviews, because they think it will waste their time. Nothing can be further from the truth. You need to include this type of interview in your job search.

Courtesy interview

This is where a family member or friend sets-up a courtesy meeting with a company that doesn’t have any specific openings or casual openings, but someone is willing to meet with you and discuss the industry. This person can assist you in your job search and possibly even refer you to someone in the industry they feel may have an opening. This is basically networking. When you meet with someone under these circumstances and really shine they might know someone within the industry that has an opening. They might even make the phone call for you. Can you imagine a phone call on your behalf like this, “Hi, Charlie, I just met with a very sharp person today and I think you should meet with them” wouldn’t that be fantastic! You have to include this type of interview in your job search.

If you want to be successful in your job search, you really need to include all three of these interviews. Hey, nobody said this would be easy, right? The more interviews the better. Remember, you have to have interviews to get job offers. And not just job interviews where there is a specific job opening, sometimes these other interviews will turn out to be better for you. Give them a try. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo