When you’re interviewing, the company is asking you questions to learn about you and your qualifications, but you should be doing the same thing to the company. If you’re not, you’re making a mistake.

Whatever you do, don’t sit in your interviews and just answer the questions that are being asked. Wrong! You need to get proactive when you’re interviewing. You need to get serious about the opportunity in front of you and start asking the company questions. Interview the company!

You need to start interviewing the company – even if you’re out-of-work – because you need to make sure the opportunity is right for you. The opportunity has to be the right company, position, location, and potential for your career or you should pass.

I want you to start putting the companies you’re interviewing with on the hot seat. Why not? The opportunity is just as important to you as it is the company, right? Then start taking it seriously and start interviewing the companies, just as hard as they’re interviewing you.

If you’ve made a lot of changes in your career, and it seems like you just cannot find anything you like to do, could it be you never asked a lot of questions before you accepted an offer? Start taking your career seriously. Research the industries and companies that interest you, before you apply.

I want you to go to your next interview armed with interview questions about the company, position, location and potential for your career. Go into your next interview with the idea this opportunity has to be right for you, or you are going to pass.

The company will appreciate you taking this so seriously and being proactive. You’re not just answering questions you’re asking questions and demonstrating how important it is to you. Interviewing is truly a two-way street and if you really want to find your dream job you will have to start interviewing the companies! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo