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If you’re focusing exclusively on the fortune 500 for your job search, you are making a mistake. There are more opportunities in medium to smaller firms than you might think.

If you like getting rejection letters and wasting your time go ahead and focus exclusively on the Fortune 500, but if you want to get interviews and offers broaden your job search! Include all firms in your jobs search, but make sure you don’t limit yourself to the Fortune 500 or the largest employers. Well known corporations attract far too many job seekers.

If you’re an experienced person, with excellent credentials, think what you could bring to an up and coming company. Well known larger corporations many have a bunch of people like you on their staff, but medium and smaller firms? Not so much. How do you think these medium and smaller firms will view your credentials?

In my career as a professional recruiter, I’ve found that medium to smaller firms have more flexibility when it comes to attracting top talent. They can do things that the larger corporations can’t. They can bend the rules. They can do what they have to do to attract you to their firm. They’re not as structured and rigid with their salary levels.

I highly recommend you looking at all firms when you’re conducting your job search. You will be surprised about the amount of opportunities there are in medium to smaller firms for you. Yes, include the Fortune 500 but don’t limit yourself. There could be some unknown smaller start-up firms, like “Facebook” when they first started, that would love to have you on their team. Wouldn’t that be great! If you’re not having success in your job search start broadening it out to include medium to smaller firms. You will be surprised at the results. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo